This project has been built online, so I owe thanks to many people on Facebook, Twitter, and Academia who have suggested readings and pointed out errors. Among many others I want especially to mention Karen Schiff, William Marotti, John Armstrong, Susanne Slavick, Andrei Molotiu, Paul Gladston, and Jaleen Grove.

And I also owe thanks to the unpredictable and engaging ideas of the “Writing with Images” seminar, in its first iteration, spring 2014: Lily Brewer, Marisa Choate, Angharad Davies, Frederick Eschrich, Brian Leahy, Bert Marckwardt, Meghan Morris, Kayla Risko, Julia Ruskin, Jessica Sattell, Yuri Stone, Nadira Wallace, Daniel Spangler, Kendel Woods, and Yinzi Yi. Special thanks, also, to┬ámy research assistant in 2014, Maggie Carrigan. And of course to the iterations of the seminar, which I continue to teach, usually in the fall.

And special thanks to Terry Pitts, the presiding scholar of this subject: for your patience with my outsider’s perspective and all your many suggestions.